Operating Software

At TPR, we pretend to improve the competitivity of the companies in the port logistics community through the usage of information systems that facilitate the interaction between them, and for that reason, we implemented a cutting-edge specialized software.

Software Operativo

Operating Software

  • Containers terminal Operating System (TOS)
  • Positioning in plane and stowage detail
  • Operations recording via mobile devices
  • Web access to Clients, Agencies and Shipowners for on-line management and enquiries
  • Detailed operations tracking
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with shipowners
  • Statistic information of operations
NDV Port Management

NDV Port Management

  • Port Management Integral System (SIGP)
  • Planification, recording and on-line tracking of operations
  • Personal and resources assignation to operations
  • Electronic invoicing with AFIP on-line authorization
  • Management of plant entry clearance
  • Institutional Security
  • Delivery recording and tracking of personal protection elements (EPP)
  • Bonded warehouse management